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Burlingame AYSO plays on a number of fields:

U5/6: Village Park - 1535 California Drive (map)
       Please park only on California Drive. Home Side: Closest to play equipment.

U7/8: Washington Park - 850 Burlingame Ave (map) Home Side: Closest to BHS.

U10 Boys & Girls: alternate between Osberg Field (on upper BIS campus located at 1715 Quesada Dr; spectators welcome on the bleachers side) and Cuernavaca Park (located at 3075 Hunt Dr. at Alcazar (map); spectators welcome on the side closest to baseball diamond.)

U12 Boys & Girls: alternate between Bayside (lcoated at 1125 Airport Blvd. next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel (map); (spectators welcome on the side closest to hotel) and the artificial turf field behind the BHS Tennis Courts (spectators welcome on the side closest to the tennis courts and outside the chain-link fence.)

U14 Boys & Girls: Franklin (corner of Trousdale and Quesada); coaches/teams stand closest to Quesada Way; spectators stand on the school-side of the field.

U16/19: BHS Stadium & Murray Field (Burlingame Soccer Center). Murray is located at 250 Anza Blvd. Use the Golf Center entrance behind the Double Tree Hotel. (map); Home side: BHS Oak Grove side, Murray closest to golf range.

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