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AYSO Mission Statement

The AYSO Mission is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family enviornment based on the AYSO philosophies:

Everyone Plays - Our goal is for kids to play soccer. So we mandate that every player on every team must play at least half of every game.

Balanced Teams - We require every region at the start of each season to set up teams as evenly balanced as possible - because it's more fun when teams of equal ability play.

Positive Coaching - The way to make winning kids is by building them up, not down. We train and encourage our coaches to make the extra effort to understand and offer positive help to our players, rather than negative criticism.

Open Registration - Our programs are open to all children between the ages of 4 1/2 and 18 who want to register and play soccer. Interest and enthusiasm are the only criteria for playing.

Good Sportsmanship - We desire to create a positive environment based on mutual respect, rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude. All our programs must be designed to instill good sportsmanship in every facet of AYSO.

Player Development: We believe that all players should be able to develop their soccer skills and knowledge to the best of their abilities, both individually and as members of a team, in order to maximize their enjoyment of the game.

The core values which guide the American Youth Soccer Organization are:

Fun for all
Education for all
Ethics for all
Accessible to all

The mission is accomplished by providing these essential services:

•Coaching and referee programs including quality delivery systems •Quality administrative and operating systems with a support network •Strong financial position •Special network for volunteers, supported by a national staff •Program research and development

The Burlingame Region is further guided by the Regional Guidelines - 2012

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