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Burlingame AYSO - Hot Weather Procedure

When the weather is hot, water is essential!
The safety of the players, coaches and referees comes before anything else.
Remember Law 18 – Common Sense.

To that end, below are the procedures that should be followed regarding water during hot weather matches:

  • Water is allowed to be taken at any stoppage in play at the touch line. The player should remain at the touch line while consuming the water.

  • Water bottles must remain off the field of play and are never to be “thrown” to the player or carried by a player.

  • o Any player feeling dizzy or nauseous should leave the field immediately and see their coach. The coach can send in a substitute at the next stoppage of play with the referee’s permission (i.e. make sure to tell the referee) or play short and resend in the ill player when they feel better. This is just like an injury substitution.

  • o If the referee needs water, at a stoppage in play the referee should blow their whistle to stop any restart that may be happening, and then proceed to the touchline for water. The referee should not bring the water onto the field. Play resumes when the referee signals they are ready.

  • Water breaks at the quarter are allowed, but they should be fast and are not for a strategy meeting but for a brief break. Time continues as it would normally at the quarter mark.

  • The half time break may be extended if in the opinion of the referee it is needed to allow the players to cool down. The second half will be shortened by the extended break.

  • Turf fields (such as Franklin, Osberg & the BHS fields) can amplify the heat. Coaches in conjunction with the referee can “abandon” the match in the interest of player safety.

  • No additional time is to be added to the game! Start on time! End on time!

  • If a player needs medical assistance call the Burlingame Police Emergency Dispatch at 692-0310. (Do not use 911 from a cell phone).

Updated 9/9/2013 - PDF Version: Hot Weather Policy

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