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Region 63 2011 Fields & Safety Notes

Field Director: Scott With
Home: 650-344-7613
Mobile: 650-222-4774

Saftey Director: Kristen Hege
Home: 650-344-9299
Mobile: 650-759-7102

  • Carry your Field Permit with you to practices (along with your Player Emergency Forms) and produce it if questioned by City employees, other coaches, etc.

  • For field closures due to weather, coaches only call 650-344-AYSO (2976). Do not have your parents call; it will jam the line! Have them check the website. Any teams caught playing on fields that have been closed by the City will be disqualified from further league play.

  • Please have your team parents take home your game trash (from snacks, fruit, water bottles, etc.). On weekends AYSO typically overtaxes the city’s trash receptacles. Extra trash bags are located in the AYSO equipment boxes/closets located at each field.

  • Your game fields should be lined, with flags and goals in place and equipment boxes unlocked (by our Field Crews) by the time you arrive for your game. If not, call Scott immediately!

  • Please note that goals must be staked or weighted for games. Please call the Scott if you cannot apply the stakes or sand bags to each goal.

  • The steel goal cages are generally locked (except for BHS and Lower Bayside) and not available for practices. They are not staked down for practices and can blow over or be tipped over, resulting in injury or even death! If you find the goals on your practice field, please wheel them off the field and discourage children from playing around them.

  • Any problems with field conditions, equipment, lighting, sprinklers, etc., call Scott.

  • If you encounter interference from other sports (e.g., football, baseball), do not engage or confront the other coach. Call Scott; a Board member or City Parks and Rec will intercede on your behalf.

  • Washington Park practices, Sector F4: you (and your team parents) are limited by the big baseball diamond left field foul line, not the striped soccer field which pertains only to games. On weekdays in the Fall, Field 5 is generally off limits during practice times for use by Catholic Baseball league.

  • For any injuries, reporting and doctor release forms are available from Kristen or on www.burlingameayso.org. Please fill out and return to Kristen. Note: supplemental accident insurance claim forms are available from Kristen or on www.soccer.org and must be filed with AYSO National within 90 days of the incident.

  • Equipment boxes/closets at all fields generally include extra First Aid kits, ice packs, goalkeeper shirt, doggie bags, game cards, trash bags and referee flags. If any of these are missing or exhausted, call Scott With.

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