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2012 Burlingame Cup Under 10


Under 10 Boys: 18 Teams    25 minute halves

Under 10 Girls: 14 Teams    25 minute halves


Burlingame Cup Format:

Round robin tournament
Every team plays 2 games - Seeded Divided into Groups A and B
Top four (4) teams in each Group advance to Semi-Final Round
Group A plays for Cup Championship, Group B Plays for Consolation Game Points: Win = 6, Tie = 3, Goals = 1 (max 3 per game)
Round Robin tie-breaking criteria:
  1. Head-to-head Cup record
  2. Goal differential (up to 4 per game)
  3. Fewest goals allowed (up to 4 per game)
  4. Most goals scored (up to 4 per game)
  5. Coin toss
Semi-final & Championship Games tie breaking method
  1. 6 minute overtime (3 min halves)
  2. Burlingame Cup Shoot-Out Procedures

BOYS Games at Murray

Group A

Group B

Seed A1U10B-09   Seed B1U10B-05
Seed A2U10B-11   Seed B2U10B-04
Seed A3U10B-18   Seed B3U10B-17
Seed A4U10B-01   Seed B4U10B-06
Seed A5U10B-15   Seed B5U10B-16
Seed A6U10B-10   Seed B6U10B-12
Seed A7U10B-03   Seed B7U10B-07
Seed A8U10B-02   Seed B8U10B-14
Seed A9U10B-08  
Seed A10U10B-13  

Round Robin

Semis & Final

10/28 8:00 AM Murray (S)Seed A1-U10B-09Seed A8-U10B-02 Semis 8:00 AM Murray (S) U10B-11 - A Group 2U10B-09 - A Group 3
SUN 8:00 AM Murray (N) Seed A2-U10B-11Seed A7-U10B-03 11/4 9:30 AM Murray (S) U10B-01 - A Group 1U10B-15 - A Group 4
9:00 AM Murray (S) Seed A3-U10B-18Seed A6-U10B-10 SUN11:00 AMMurray (S)U10B-12 - B Group 1U10B-07 - B Group 4
9:00 AMMurray (N) Seed A4-U10B-01Seed A9-U10B-08 12:30 PMMurray (S)U10B-05 - B Group 2U10B-04 - B Group 3
10:00 AM Murray (S)Seed A5-U10B-15Seed A10-U10B-13
10:00 AM Murray (N)Seed B1-U10B-05Seed B3-U10B-17
11:00 AM Murray (S)Seed B2-U10B-04Seed B4-U10B-06
11:00 AM Murray (N)Seed B5-U10B-16Seed B7-U10B-07
12:00 PM Murray (S)Seed B6-U10B-12Seed B8-U10B-14
11/3 8:00 AM Murray (N)Seed A4-U10B-01Seed A7-U10B-03 Finals
SAT 9:00 AM Murray (N) Seed A3-U10B-18Seed A8-U10B-02 11/4 2:00 PMMurray (S)A 1/4 WinnerA 2/3 Winner
10:00 AM Murray (N) Seed A2-U10B-11Seed A9-U10B-08 Sun
11:00 AM Murray (N) Seed A1-U10B-09Seed A10-U10B-13
12:00 PM Murray (N) Seed A5-U10B-15Seed A6-U10B-10 Consolation 3:30 PM Murray (S) B 1/4 Winner B 2/3 Winner
1:00 PM Murray (N) Seed B4-U10B-06Seed B5-U10B-16
2:00 PM Murray (N) Seed B3-U10B-17Seed B6-U10B-12
3:00 PM Murray (N) Seed B2-U10B-04Seed B7-U10B-07
3:00 PM Murray (S) Seed B1-U10B-05Seed B8-U10B-14

GIRLS Games at Murray

Group A

Group B

Seed A1U10G-12  Seed B1U10G-04
Seed A2U10G-06  Seed B2U10G-07
Seed A3U10G-11  Seed B3U10G-03
Seed A4U10G-13  Seed B4U10G-14
Seed A5U10G-05  Seed B5U10G-10
Seed A6U10G-08  Seed B6U10G-09
Seed A7U10G-01 
Seed A8U10G-02 

Round Robin

Semis & Final

10/28 12:00 PM Murray (N)Seed A1-U10G-12Seed A8-U10G-02 Semis 8:00 AM Murray (N) U10G-11 - A Group 2U10G-13 - A Group 3
SUN 1:00 PM Murray (N) Seed A2-U10G-06Seed A7-U10G-01 11/4 9:30 AM Murray (N)U10G-06 - A Group 1U10G-08 - A Group 4
1:00 PM Murray (S) Seed A3-U10G-11Seed A6-U10G-08 SUN11:00 AMMurray (N)U10G-10 - B Group 1U10G-03 - B Group 4
2:00 PMMurray (N) Seed A4-U10G-13Seed A5-U10G-05 12:30 PMMurray (N)U10G-07 - B Group 2U10G-04 - B Group 3
2:00 PM Murray (S)Seed B1-U10G-04Seed B3-U10G-03
3:00 PM Murray (N)Seed B2-U10G-07Seed B4-U10G-14
3:00 PMMurray (S)Seed B5-U10G-10Seed B6-U10G-09
11/3 8:00 AM Murray (S)Seed A4-U10G-13Seed A7-U10G-01 Finals
SAT 9:00 AM Murray (S) Seed A3-U10G-11Seed A5-U10G-05 11/4 2:00 PMMurray (N)U10G-06 - A 1/4 WinnerU10G-13 - A 2/3 Winner
10:00 AM Murray (S) Seed A2-U10G-06Seed A8-U10G-02 Sun
11:00 AM Murray (S) Seed A1-U10G-12Seed A6-U10G-08
12:00 PM Murray (S) Seed B3-U10G-03Seed B4-U10G-14 Consolation 3:30 PM Murray (N) B 1/4 Winner B 2/3 Winner
1:00 PM Murray (S) Seed B2-U10G-07Seed B5-U10G-10
2:00 PM Murray (S) Seed B1-U10G-04Seed B6-U10G-09

Semi-final & Final Tie-Breaker Procedures

Tied after regulation time:

  1. Play 6 minute overtime (3 min halves). These are not Golden Goal periods, i.e. the entire six minutes are played even if a team scores.
  2. If still tied after overtime period, proceed to Burlingame Cup Shoot-Out Procedures.

Burlingame Cup Procedures:

  1. If still tied after the first 6 minute overtime period, one player from each team is removed from the field, and the teams play one 3 minute period with NO Goalkeepers. From this period on, all periods are Golden Goal periods - the first team to score a goal is the game winner.
  2. If the game is still tied at the end of the overtime period, 2 more players from each team are removed from the field, and the teams play for another 3 minute period. If no goals are scored, 3 minute overtime periods continue with 2 fewer players until only 2 players from each team remain. The game continues until someone scores. There are no Offside infractions with only 2 players on the field.

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