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Completing Online Payment Registration

Thank you for your interest in Burlingame AYSO Soccer. We are proud to be Paperless for the Registration Process

When our on-site registrations conclude, payments will be accepted ONLINE. This page is designed to help walk you through the process. Note: online payments are only at normal registration fee, not early bird discount.

If you already COMPLETED the player registration forms but have not paid, log back into eAYSO and click the ONLINE PAYMENT link on the left, then continue HERE.

Otherwise you will start from eAYSO home screen with either an "Application for Returning Player" or "Application for a New Player". Burlingame is REGION 63.

The first steps are to ensure you are completing the player registration form. Fill in the requested information on each screen.

As you click through the form you will come to a page that looks like a printed form. Scroll about half-way down that page and you will see a section like that in the image below.

Please make sure to click the check-box and then type your (the parent's) name in the yellow box as shown. Then scroll to the bottom on this form and click "CONTINUE".

01 - ESignature Page sm.jpg:

After clicking "CONTINUE", you get another copy of that form. Please scroll to the bottom of that screen and you will see information like that below and the "SUBMIT" button. You must click the SUBMIT button for the player registration form to be accepted into the system.

02 - Final SUBMIT button.jpg:

Now that the registration form is submitted, it is time to pay the registration fees. The fee for Burlingame Residents is $180.00 and for Non-Residents is $265.00. Even though this screen is titled "Online Payment via Credit Card" we also use this same screen if you are paying by check.

Click the check-box for each player you are paying (as shown below). Each player you select will add $180.00 to the total.

IMPORTANT: If you are not a resident of Burlingame, to complete your registration you must click the check-box for a "non-resident player fee", one for each player you are paying for on this screen.

Then as shown click the "PAY FEE VIA CREDIT CARD" (even if you are paying by CHECK).

03 - Online Payment Screen sm.jpg:

When you click the "PAY FEE VIA CREDIT CARD", you are redirected to the AYSO payment processor's website, please complete this process or your registration will be incomplete.

You will gat a screen similar to that below and some of the information on the left should already be filled in. Verify that information, and then enter you payment information where indicated. This form shows the credit card entry form. If you are paying by check click the radio button as shown in the next image and you will get the fields for entering your check.

For credit card payers, we take VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER. Our payment provider does not accept American Express. The field for the Security code is the 3 or 4 digit number on the back of your card.

Then click the "MAKE A PAYMENT" button.

04 - Payment Entry Screen sm.jpg:

If you are paying by check, click the radio button as shown below then enter the checking account information as indicated. When complete, click the "MAKE A PAYMENT" button.

05 - Check Entry Screen.jpg:

After completing the payment, you will get a confirmation screen like the one below.

Then click the "Completed - Return to My eAYSO" Button and Congratulations, you have completed the registration process.

08 - Payment Confirmation.jpg:

Please note: If your child is new to Burlingame AYSO, please email a copy of the child's Birth Certificate or Passport to registrar@burlingameayso.org.

If you have any issues or question regarding registration or the payment process, please email registrar@burlingameayso.org

Thank You
The Burlingame AYSO Board

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To unsubscribe: please send an email to registrar@burlingameayso.org and include the full names of all previous players and/or volunteers as we must update each record individually.