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2013 Photo Day

Below is the information needed for Photo Day: SUNDAY, September 29th.

Calling for Volunteers! needed 2-3 parents per 2 hour time slot to help with pictures...and there are perks! You'll get some free pictures. Click here for the Google Doc to signup.

Important information from Shooting Stars:

Burlingame AYSO’s Photo Day is this Sunday!

When: Sunday, September 29, 2013
Where: Washington Park, Behind Rec Center

You can find the time for your team in four ways:

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time and check in at the desk. Please see that all players’ envelopes are completely filled out prior to your scheduled time and players are in line according to height, shortest to tallest.
(This is an excellent job for the team parent.)

If your team is not ready at their scheduled time, the next available team will be taken. Priority is given to scheduled, on time teams. Late teams will be forced to wait until there is an opening in the schedule.

If an individual player cannot make picture day, please fill out an envelope for them so they can receive a team picture. They can have their individual picture taken on make-up day. (Saturday, October 19th)

Click here to request Make-up Day (Saturday, October 19) for your team or individual

Make your life easier---place your order online!

  • Go to http://sspreview.mysmilecentral.com/
  • Enter the Order Access Code (you will receive this in EMAIL or on the printed form)
  • Click “Proceed with Ordering Pictures”
  • Print your required Proof of Purchase and bring it to Photo Day.

Don’t miss your opportunity to get professional quality prints that last a lifetime. These are photos worth framing and sharing!

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