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Burlingame Cup Shoot-Out Procedures

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The California Shoot-Out system was introduced to Region 10 (of AYSO Section 1, Area F) in the 1998/1999 season. In the past, ties after "overtime" have been decided by Penalty Kicks ("PKs"). This is felt to be more a test of nerve than of soccer skills, and it has been decided to try a system which has already been used in a number of Area tournaments. NOTE: Overtime and Shoot-Out are only required in games in which a winner is necessary, i.e. in elimination play-offs. During Round-Robin play, games are permitted to end tied. The Burlingame Cup Shoot-out, described below, is a slight variation of the California Shoot-out and will be used for the Under-10 and Under-12 Divisions in the 2002 Burlingame Cup Quarter-final, Semi-final and Final rounds.


After a tie at the end of regulation time, there will be two three minute periods of overtime. Each team will play with full teams. The teams will play the complete six minutes of extra time, i.e., the "golden goal" does not apply. If the game is tied at the end of the six minutes, the Burlingame Cup Shoot-out procedure is used until one team wins.


Three minute overtime periods will be played with the "Golden Goal" in effect. That is, the game is immediately over if a team scores during any overtime period. The first shoot-out period will start without goalkeepers - each team will play with one less player. At the start of each additional overtime period, the teams will change ends and will remove two additional players from the field. Substitutions may be made only at the start of the overtime periods or in the event of injury. Additional periods will be played with fewer and fewer players until one team scores a goal (minimum of two players per team). No offside calls will be made with two players on the field. Coaches are instructed to pre-plan these player reductions as much as possible.

Example #1: In a semi-final match, Team "A" and "B" end regulation in a tie, and proceed to the normal overtime period. The six-minute overtime period ends in a tie and teams proceed to the Burlingame Shoot-out. Both teams start the Burlingame Cup Shoot-out overtime with no Goalkeeper and ten players on the field. Team "A" scores in the overtime period and immediately wins when the goal is scored (“Golden Goal”).

Example #2: Team "A" and "B" end regulation in a tie, Team "A" scores in the first 3 minutes of the normal overtime period and Team "B" ties the game in the second before the end of the second 3 minute overtime period (no "Golden Goal" in effect yet). Teams proceed to the three minute Burlingame Cup Shoot-out period with ten players each (no Goalkeeper). The game is still tied after three minutes, and teams are reduced to eight players each. With 8 players, Team “B” scores and wins the game ("Golden Goal" is in effect).

PENALTY KICKS: If a Penalty Kick is awarded during any of the Burlingame Cup Shoot-out overtime periods, the following procedure will be used since no Goal Keeper is playing:

  • A direct free kick from the penalty spot will be taken. Defending players may position themselves at least ten yards away from the penalty spot in front of the goal (form a wall). If the ball goes into the goal, the game is over with the score. If the shot misses, the game continues until one team scores.
  • If any defensive player encroaches or handles the ball, the kick will be retaken with the offending player outside the penalty area.

SUBSTITUTIONS: For any of the Overtime periods, players may only be substituted at the start of an Overtime period. The only substitution permitted during an overtime period shall be for an injured player, in which case the injured player shall be prohibited from taking any further active part in the game. Any player who has already participated in the game may be brought on as a substitute, unless that player has been (a) ejected (Red Card) at any time or (b) injured during Overtime and replaced by a substitute.

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