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Division Specific Guidelines

Updated for the Fall 2015 season 2015 Division Guidelines

Age (as of July 31)
8 & 9
10 & 11
12 & 13
14 & 15
16, 17 & 18
Regional Rules Apply Area Rules Apply
Maximum Roster Size202081010121518
Number on field of play4 (all)5 (all)677911
Minimum number of PlayersNone45567
Players must playN/A3 quarters2 quarters
SubstitutionsN/ANo player will sit out 2 quarters until all players have sat out 1 quarter. If a player arrives during the 1st quarter, they must play 2 quarters; during the 2nd or 3rd quarters, they must play a minimum of 1 quarter.Players must play at least two quarters. If a player arrives during the 2nd or 3rd quarter, they must play only 1 quarter.
Goal KeepersN/A (no keepers)Keeper may only play 1 quarter. Encourage everyone to play keeper at some point in the season.Keeper may play only 2 quartersKeeper can play whole game
Duration of Half10 mins.15 mins.20 mins.25 mins.30 mins.35 mins.40 mins.45 mins.
Duration of Match20 mins.30 mins.40 mins.50 mins.60 mins.70 mins.80 mins.90 mins.
Length of Halftime5 mins.5 mins.5 mins.5 mins.5 mins.5 mins.5 mins.5 mins.10 mins.
Ball Size345
Teams & Parents Teams on opposite sides of the field Spectators on 1 side; coaches/players on other
CoachesCoaches w/players & parentsOnly certified coaches and assistant coaches allowed and must remain within technical area
RefereesTeam referee when available or
coaches act as referee
Referees when available or coaches act as referees3 man system (center referee and two assistant referees), 2-referee system not allowed
Fouls & Misconduct
Free Kicks DFK only (no PK) Laws 13 & 14
Offside Don't even think about it None, but discourage players from goal tending Law 11
Distance on restarts 5 yards 6 yards 8 yards 10 yards (Law 13)
(Yellow/Red Cards)
Verbal instruction only (no cards) Instructional Caution
(no cards)
Yes (Yellow)
No (Red)
Yes to both yellow and red (Law 12)
Throw In's Instructional Allow several retakes until 5th game No Retakes (Law 15)
Dangerous Play
Slide tackling Not allowed Allowed
(but not taught)
Allowedl Law XII
Headers Not Allowed (coaches should not teach) Allowed
(but not taught)
Playing Down Other team can lend players to opponents Teams can lend players to opponents and must play down by one when other team has: Teams must play down by one when other team has: Encouraged, but not mandatory
4 6 7
Running up the Score N/A Goal differential more than 4 not allowed; coach should change strategy to not run up the score Lopsided Rule in effect when goal differential is more than 3 Goal differential more than 4 not allowed (See Area Rules)

Game Locations:
See Fields for the game locations.

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