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Burlingame AYSO Region 63 Board

Position Volunteer
Regional Commissioner Gary Rainville
Regional Treasurer Trent Wright
Regional Registrar Jean Gordon
Regional Safety Director Calvin Gee
Regional Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) Jim Brogan
Regional Coach Administrator David (Duff) Beach
Regional Referee Administrator Mike Hazinski
Regional Secretary Nick Skelton
Assistant Referee Administrator Rick Sandor
Co-Assistant Coach Administrator Will Evans
Auditor George Atkinson
Field Director Bob Bierman
U19/U16 Division Coordinator Eliot Alfi
U14 Division Coordinator Emily Ma-Dotson
U12 Division Co-Coordinator Chester Rice
U12 Division Co-Coordinator Krista McCutcheon
U10 Division Co-Coordinator Mina Cima
U10 Division Co-Coordinator David (Duff) Beach
U08 Division Co-Coordinator Marian Salzer
U08 Division Co-Coordinator Stella Daire
U07 Division Co-Coordinator Sandra Acajabon
U07 Division Co-Coordinator Priscilla Fong
U05/U06 (Jamboree) Division CoCoordinator Christina Tsui
U05/U06 (Jamboree) Division Coordinator Alson Kemp
EXTRA/Select Coordinator TBD
Director, Referee Assessment Rick Quintana
Director, Youth and Women Referees Lesley Stolz
Web Master Bill Clifford
Uniform/Equipment Coordinator Doug Luftman
Photo Day Coordinator Emily Ma-Dotson
Volunteer Celebration Coordinator Emily Ma-Dotson
Recycling Coordinator Andrea Pappajohn

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