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Photo Day 2019

Picture Day is Sunday September 15th at Washington Park behind the Park and Recreation Center (not the main field).

Every player must bring with them their order form, even if not ordering anything extra. It is needed so that they will get their FREE team photo and 4 wallets.

Your coaches will be getting the packets with order forms and you can order online.

Please click here to see the PDF Schedule.

One coach from each team will need to check in at the sales booth and pick up paperwork when you arrive.  Please arrive 15 Minutes before your scheduled time!  This way we can ensure everyone is ready to go when it is your time.

Coaches, you can also pick up your Coach-Buddy Photo form at the booth.  Please arrive early enough to ensure they are filled out and ready to go.

Please note that the schedule is designed to allow coaches on more than one team to have there teams with only one 10 minute slot gap so they don't have to go and come back.  Also all slots are 10 Minutes, except for the 4U, 5U, and 6U divisions which are 20 minute slots since these are little people and big teams.

SMILE and say Soccer!

2019 Photo Schedule by Team Number

Time Team Coaches
4:00 PM 04U-CoEd Playground
9:00 AM 05UB-01 Schoolyard
9:20 AM 05UB-02 Schoolyard
9:40 AM 05UG-01 Schoolyard
10:15 AM 05UG-02 Schoolyard
10:35 AM 06UB-01 Jamboree
10:55 AM 06UB-02 Jamboree
11:15 AM 06UB-03 Jamboree
12:45 PM 06UB-04 Jamboree
2:05 PM 06UB-05 Jamboree
1:05 PM 06UG-01 Jamboree
1:25 PM 06UG-02 Jamboree
1:45 PM 06UG-03 Jamboree
2:25 PM 06UG-04 Jamboree
10:05 AM 07UB-01 Alex Wong
11:05 AM 07UB-06 John Woody
12:45 PM 07UB-04 Denise Kenski
1:45 PM 07UB-05 Marie Hauwet-Hansen
2:35 PM 07UB-03 Todd Weller
3:00 PM 07UB-02 Kristy Jacobsen
9:00 AM 07UG-01 Lorie Rakstins
10:15 AM 07UG-06 Aric Agresti
1:55 PM 07UG-05 Andrea Hutchinson
2:10 PM 07UG-04 Gerry Whitcomb
2:45 PM 07UG-03 Liane Dietrich-Paulson
3:00 PM 07UG-02 Jennifer Wade
9:10 AM 08UB-04 Massimo Morra
11:15 AM 08UB-06 Karen Lee Derrossett
1:55 PM 08UB-05 Meredith Thacker
2:45 PM 08UB-03 Dave Singh
3:10 PM 08UB-02 Lennon Liao
3:25 PM 08UB-01 Lesley Beatty
11:15 AM 08UG-06 Derek Bowler
12:45 PM 08UG-02 Brian Anderson
2:10 PM 08UG-04 Kristie Meloney
2:45 PM 08UG-03 Jake Bauer
3:25 PM 08UG-01 Arturo Garcia
3:40 PM 08UG-05 Lori Sullivan
9:25 AM 10UB-10 Daniel O'Dwyer
9:35 AM 10UB-05 Massimo Morra
9:45 AM 10UB-09 Dan Kiewlich
10:15 AM 10UB-12 Ross Armstrong
10:25 AM 10UB-08 Tarek Mannaa
10:40 AM 10UB-11 Paul Buttle
1:05 PM 10UB-06 Surat Phonsombat
2:00 PM 10UB-03 Chris Milks
2:20 PM 10UB-04 Shaun Tipson
3:10 PM 10UB-02 Rob Conant
3:35 PM 10UB-01 Anil Chalasani
3:40 PM 10UB-07 Jeremy Bartowitz
9:00 AM 10UG-13 Adam Glass
9:10 AM 10UG-05 Neal Berger
9:20 AM 10UG-12 J.T. Treadwell
9:20 AM 10UG-11 Jamie Russo
9:45 AM 10UG-10 Greg Johnstone
10:05 AM 10UG-02 Aleks Krumins
10:25 AM 10UG-09 Joel Rosenquist
10:30 AM 10UG-03 Samia Shoman
10:50 AM 10UG-08 Brad Stein
10:55 AM 10UG-07 Craig Lichtenstein
12:55 PM 10UG-14 Todd Osinski
1:05 PM 10UG-06 Gordon Readey
2:20 PM 10UG-04 Thad Glavin
3:35 PM 10UG-01 Marc Bala
10:40 AM 12UB-01 Ross Armstrong
10:50 AM 12UB-08 Charles O'Brien
11:05 AM 12UB-02 Paul Buttle
12:55 PM 12UB-05 Todd Friedman
1:10 PM 12UB-06 Jamie Cheng
1:45 PM 12UB-07 Billy Ryan
2:50 PM 12UB-03 Charlotte Lopp
3:50 PM 12UB-04 Peter Blum
9:35 AM 12UG-02 Neal Berger
10:30 AM 12UG-01 Jacquie Haggarty
1:10 PM 12UG-04 Brian Anderson
1:20 PM 12UG-06 Todd Osinski
1:35 PM 12UG-05 Dominique Foy
2:35 PM 12UG-03 Kevin Kelly
1:20 PM 14UB-05 Billy Ryan
1:30 PM 14UB-02 Surat Phonsombat
1:30 PM 14UB-06 Blake McConnell
2:00 PM 14UB-01 Duff Beach
2:25 PM 14UB-04 Zev Handleman
2:50 PM 14UB-03 Glen Kirk
9:25 AM 14UG-03 Gary Rainville
3:10 PM 14UG-02 Andrew Haskell
3:35 PM 14UG-01 Rahul Sachdev
3:50 PM 14UG-04 Matthias Percyznski
2:45 PM 16UB-01 Jim Brogan
3:15 PM 16UB-02 Stan Wilson
2:25 PM 16UG-01 Duff Beach
3:15 PM 16UG-02 John McDonald
3:10 PM 19UB-01 Jay Kaufman
3:35 PM 19UG-01 Jeremy Gordon

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